Awards & Testimonials


2011 Gold Award for Best Travel Feature from the Parenting Publications of America

2011 Silver Award for Best Columnist/Reviewer from the Parenting Publications of America

2006 Lemon Magazine named a “Border’s Recommends” title Border’s Bookstore/2006

2006 Lemon Magazine named Top #4 Magazine Launch of 2006 by “Mister Magazine” Samnir Huzni.

2006 Lemon Magazine, Winner, Communication Arts

1996 Winner, Best Screenplay, Austin Film Festival/Screenwriter’s Conference

1995 Winner, Screenplay, Chicago International Film Festival


“Rob's range of knowledge is truly remarkable. I hired him to edit a home magazine, but quickly realized he was adept with arts and culture, music, popular culture, literature, and many, many other topics. He's fast. He works as hard or harder than anyone I know. He's passionate about what he does. He accepts the bigger-picture challenges as well as the smaller ones. When I worked with him on the magazine, he helped us save money in many creative ways, which speaks to his problem-solving skills. Also, a Rob bonus: He will make you laugh.” July 3, 2009

Top qualities: On Time, High Integrity, Creative

Diane Bacha
Kalmbach Publishing Co.

“Rob accomplished something as editor of both Gum and Lemon that was unimaginably hard. He took two of the most iconic design magazines of the decade. And he produced editorial content that was the equal of the art direction. And he wrote much of the content himself. Thematically? Tonally? The mags hold together beautifully. Reading Gum or Lemon is like listening to Sgt. Pepper. As a colleague and collaborator, I can't say enough about him. As editor-in-chief, I hired him to contribute as an essayist and poet for The Book of the Prague Marathon. I could not have been happier with the product or the process.” 

Richard Herstek 
Creative Director

Rob is a fantastic ideas person, someone who exudes excitement about what like-minded partners can create together, someone who sees possibilities all around and has the skill needed to put good people and good ideas together. Rob is a great magazine editor and a gifted writer – and he is so much more. He is a visionary marketing pro, event creator, public relations expert, unsurpassed communicator - and extremely knowledgeable connoisseur of good food, wine and spirits. Rob Bundy is a gentleman and a scholar, a person of high integrity, an invaluable asset to this company, and someone I am very happy to call not only my colleague but my friend.” 

Becky Steimle 
Special Events Manager
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“As our go-to travel writer who provided elegant accounts of his family's travel for Metroparent magazine, Rob's award-winning work has been a highlight in our travel features and review sections. Rob is a skilled writer with a uniquely personal voice. As a added bonus to his high professional standards, he's an all-around great guy to work with, too.” 

Rebecca Christman,
Metroparent Magazine

“Robert is a visionary editor and writer who manages to both exceed corporate goals and keep his public audience entertained and well-informed. He brings a high degree of enthusiasm and ethics to all situations. Robert always brings fresh ideas to the table and is also always open to the ideas of others. His personality and networking abilities have brought Milwaukee Home & Fine Living magazine to the forefront of Milwaukee social and charitable endeavors.” 

Jerry Luterman
Wisconsin Trails

“Thanks to Rob, Milwaukee residents have a showcase for the best in local design & lifestyle trends. Having worked with Rob as an editor for a related publication in the same company, I can only say that he's what every publisher wants -- proactive, on trend, thoughtful, organized, and creative. Magazine readers want to feel that they're part of an ongong conversation about whatever topic the magazine addresses. Rob has successfully created that with Milwaukee Home -- and that's the kind of brand-building that's most valued and hardest to engineer.” 

Joanne Cleaver
Wilson-Taylor Associates, Inc.

Robert is the best editorial writer I've run into in Milwaukee, warm and funny with a spiritual sensitivity reminiscent of James Autry. Robert is great in front of a camera, is a nimble thinker and has a charming sense of humor. I cannot imagine a better representative for a magazine or for an organization needing to put a 'face' on itself. I've been in this business and around it for 30-plus years. If I had a magazine, I'd try to steal Robert. If you're a potential employer, try to get him. If you're his current employer, try your best to keep him. May the best man (Robert) win.”

Kristin Suys
The Frantz Group

"Rob is by far the best editor I've worked with in my role as an arts writer. He has an impressive knowledge not only of arts writing/criticism, but also of his audience's preferences and tastes. I would recommend working with him to anyone. He's a real writer's editor.” 

Stacey Williams-Ng 
Arts Writer
Milwaukee Home & Fine Living Magazine